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Book Summaries

In The $100 Startup (published in 2012), Chris Guillebeau discusses the challenges of starting and growing a small business, and offers a guide to help overcome these challenges. The book aims to aid would-be entrepreneurs succeed and escape the rat race so they can live life on their own terms. *The $100 Startup *is the result of hundreds of interviews with and surveys from real startups. As such, the majority of the book’s points are illustrate [...]

“In the words of that now-famous book that everybody is reading, it reaches a kind of tipping point and people kind of get it” Bill Clinton In Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell posits a powerful case for thinking of certain social and commercial trends as epidemics. He argues that “ideas and products and messages and behaviors spread just like viruses do.” His book is useful for anyone interested in influencing others, and understanding the mech [...]

“Research your own experiences for the truth…Absorb what is useful…Add what is specifically your own…The creating individual is more than any style or system.” – Bruce Lee. I have long had the desire to travel abroad for an extended period of time, as indeed do many of us at LLB, and I have recently been contemplating the most rewarding ways in which I could do this. I would like to live abroad in one place for a while, or even many places for a [...]