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What is an Index Fund? An index or tracker fund is similar to a mutual fund (which may hold a basket of stocks e.g. 20 or 30). Instead of using a basket of stocks picked by a fund manager, an index fund holds the same stocks as you’d find in a market index. For example, if you invested in a fund that tracks the FTSE All-Share index, you fund would buy a part of more than 1000 companies traded on the London Stock Exchange. What are the Advantages? [...]

Once you’ve gotten into the swing of things with your personal finances (you’ve been tracking your expenses for a while, you know what’s on your credit report, you’re contributing to your pension and you’ve been savings and investing money regularly). What next? Taking the Next Step It’s a great feeling to have all your ducks lined up and it can be easy to just sit back and relax as you enjoy other activities in life. There’s no reason you can’t [...]

The struggle for first-time buyers getting on to the property ladder is a well-reported news item at the moment. Rock bottom interest rates, rising house prices and a suggestion that rates will not start raising for a couple of years has seen the property market receive an influx of first-time buyers. These first-time buyers may have built up the deposit themselves, gone in with a partner or sibling or their parents. Those who don’t have the righ [...]

From the age of 16, I’ve loved personal finance. As I get older, I especially enjoy finding different ways to grow my money. With each new investment, I experiment with the time frame and risk. My aim to is build and maintain a well-diversified portfolio of bonds, stocks, cash and property. As is common with many teenagers, I saw the investments my parents had made and felt inclined to follow suit – after all, parents know best… The simplest inve [...]

Funding Circle is a peer-to-peer lending platform that allows individuals like you and me to lend money to small UK businesses for an agreed interest rate. Similar to Zopa, (only investors lend to business owners as opposed to individuals) Funding Circle has attracted lenders and borrowers through its competitive interest rates and accessibility. Lenders can earn a better rate of return on the capital they invest and borrowers can pay competitive [...]

When I meet a ‘personal finance junkie’ – people driven by their finances, interested in shares or property, people who know how much they’ve spent YTD and what their pension account was worth at the start of the month – I’m often intrigued to know where it all started. Especially if this person is 20-something years old, since young people tend to be more care-free about their finances. Is this something that they’ve been brought up to do? Or w [...]

As a keen personal finance junkie I regularly search for ways to change my account management and regularly assess my savings and investments. I like to move my money around to experiment with varying rates of return and risk on capital. Back in 2010, I became aware of a new type of investment that to me sits between investing your money in property or the share market and keeping your money in a savings account with a bank, known as peer-to-peer [...]