The Easy Way to Develop Mobile Apps: PhoneGap

The idea of developing an app for mobile devices may seem daunting. However, with the PhoneGap mobile development framework you are now able to create native apps for the iPhone, Android and all other major mobile devices using **only **HTML, CSS and Javascript.

PhoneGap Image

Translation? Pretty much anyone who is willing to put in a few months learning web development can build apps which previously would have required you to code in much more complex programming languages like Objective-C. HTML, CSS and Javascript are the languages required to build dynamic websites, as I explain here so Phone Gap effectively empowers you to take your website building skillset and apply it to an area that previously had a much higher barrier to entry.

Now whilst technically the applications created with PhoneGap are “hybrid” (because layout rendering is done in CSS not the native UI framework), they still have access to all the features of a native app – i.e. they can make use of actual phone functions like the camera, vibration, and the phone speaker.

I know that when I found out about this software it was a huge relief, as it meant the time required for me to create an app would be drastically reduced. Thank me later.