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FW recently wrote a post explaining how Francesco Cirillo’s time-management ‘Pomodoro Technique’ is a great way to improve productivity and efficiency.Since then, I have tried using this technique both at work and in life and have discovered two key things. Firstly, using the technique at work is AMAZING. I am a complete convert.I have never been so productive in my entire professional life. Recently, I have been especially busy at work as I ha [...]

I recently achieved this after entering a martial arts competition with very short notice and with little preparation beforehand.Before I even get started, I’d like to mention that this style of weight cut is not healthy! It is something I would never recommend others try and I certainly don’t plan on having to do this again.However, it did help me to personally test my own self-discipline in a rather extreme way, and it also reinforced my theo [...]

So my martial arts competition didn’t quite go to plan. I lost two fights. My opponents weren’t massively better than me, I just didn’t perform that well.Shit happens. Despite being fairly psyched and prepared, I realise I still had the wrong mentality going into the fight.A sort of ‘shit this is gonna be hard’ kind of attitude.Now who knows, maybe I just had crap technique too. However the saying “if you think you’re going to lose, you’ve alr [...]

Many martial artists I know discuss this concept of ‘good pain’ – pain that comes from training hard and sacrificing certain things, but in doing so that also means you progress and improve yourself. Thisdoesn’tmean we’re all masochists, but it means we are willing to sacrifice something to work on our art and develop better mental toughness…and occasionally we might pick up a few bruises along the way! One of my instructors came up to me durin [...]

I wrote my last post A Wishful Vagabond having read Rolf Potts’Vagabonding book in one day, just a few hours even.Ironically, I tried to read this same book during my Christmas vacation abroad where I did nothing other than sit in the sun by the pool for two weeks. I couldn’t get past the first 20 pages. Why then, was I suddenly able to storm through this (very interesting) book? No, it was not that the first 20 pages were dull, or that page 21 [...]

“Research your own experiences for the truth…Absorb what is useful…Add what is specifically your own…The creating individual is more than any style or system.” – Bruce Lee. I have long had the desire to travel abroad for an extended period of time, as indeed do many of us at LLB, and I have recently been contemplating the most rewarding ways in which I could do this. I would like to live abroad in one place for a while, or even many places for a [...]

Tim Ferris has long been one of LLB’s main inspirations, and after a stroke of luck I found myself able to attend his most recent appearance in London on Monday 14th January 2013, a talk entitled ‘The Four Hour Ethos’.Tim encapsulates the whole motivation and drive behind our group. He is a multi-lingual ‘meta-learner’ who challenges his physical and mental capacities constantly, is a best-selling author and an enormously successful entrepreneur [...]