Life Advice for Young People

Quora is awesome. Like YouTube, one innocent click of a question can lead to hours of scrolling through responses and reading through other discussions on the same subject. One of the best aspects of Quora is that it gives everyone a chance to air their thoughts. Entrepreneurs, billionaires and your average Joe come together to help others make sense of their most pressing questions about life.

Below I share my favourite advice from the last few months:

Stuff is just stuff. Hoard time instead.

Take care of your health and your finances. Start eating better and exercising regularly. Don’t fall into the credit trap. Live within your means.

Your job provides the means to do what’s really important in life, nothing more. Do the job but live for your family.

I would say to appreciate the small things and to be present in the moment.

Take risks. We think in terms of black and white, the world is gray. It’s really hard to ‘lose everything’ unless you die. If you get fired there’s another job, if you go broke, you can rebuild.

Don’t be afraid of going to the doctor, and spend whatever you have on your health.

Nobody ever dies wishing they had worked more.

Remember that life is like a bank account: You don’t want to spend everything you have right away, but you don’t want to be a miser and save every penny.

Save enough money so that you’ll have enough for the future and for emergencies, but spend enough now to avoid looking back with regret.

Collect experiences. I don’t have many regrets, but I do wish I would have travelled more when I was younger.

Invest in quality pieces, they never go out of style.

Travel while you’re young and able. Don’t worry about the money, just make it work. Experience is far more valuable than money will ever be.

Life is fun. It’s all up to the person. Be satisfied. You don’t have to be ‘happy’ all the time, you need to be satisfied.

You can involve yourself in local problems. There are all sorts of things that have to be tended to in the world.

Debt is not just money owed. It's having to work longer and harder for no reward.

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