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It can be difficult knowing where to begin with personal finances. What are the most important concepts that can help you be better with money? How does an understanding of diversification help you grow wealth? What’s the relevance of your FICO score? Does inflation have a big impact on your day-to-day activities? All of these questions and more are answered in Maureen’s latest course Personal Finance Concepts on Highbrow, an email-based educatio [...]

Update The response to this post has been powerful, and we've had many requests for tools to help. I've created a free site which helps with calculating early retirement in a variety of places around the world: nomad saver Welcome This series presents a clear evaluation of the main rat race escape options, along with their merits, timeframes, and chances of success. It contains relatively few attempts to sell you things. There will be plenty [...]

Quora is awesome. Like YouTube, one innocent click of a question can lead to hours of scrolling through responses and reading through other discussions on the same subject. One of the best aspects of Quora is that it gives everyone a chance to air their thoughts. Entrepreneurs, billionaires and your average Joe come together to help others make sense of their most pressing questions about life. Below I share my favourite advice from the last few [...]

What I love about the internet is how easy it is to find resources to improve your day and your productivity. I'm often reading blog posts and listening to podcasts where I pick up recommendations for apps and websites that can help me get more stuff done, improve my habits and help me conquer my health goals. Over the last few years I've kept track of these resources and today I share them with you. I hope you find them helpful. Add your own res [...]

A smart friend of mine once said to me: Of course, that’s your great idiocy, your faith that technology will solve everything… Yes, he’s a pompous git. But recently I’ve read some things which made me think he might be half right. Chief among these is Jaron Lanier’s Who Owns The Future? which is an incredibly alarming book. In a sharp departure in tone from the general Silicon Valley ethos (which is basically that technology solves everything), [...]

This is the third part in my learning Mandarin account. Here is part 1: The Idiot Stage Here is part 2: Learning Chinese after 6 months. So what to report? Well, as I’ve detailed in my earlier accounts, my level of studiousness is pretty poor. I basically don’t do any studying on my own. I just go to class 3 times a week – which is about 6 hours of 1-2-1 tuition, and of course I hear Mandarin all the time because I live in Beijing, and most of my [...]

Recently, I’ve been reading a lot of articles with advice that people would give to their former or younger selves. Most of these lists make sense and have the usual, “save money” and “stop caring about what others think” and often indicate some regret in their chosen paths. Being in my mid-twenties and already following a lot of advice from the old and wise, I started thinking about whether there is any advice I’d give to my future self. What ha [...]

Over the past month I’ve completed the Pimsleur Mandarin 3 audio course. This is the 3rdpart of a 4 part series. The section I will talk about (part three) totaled 30 lessons, with each lesson clocking in at 30 minutes. I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a Pimsleur course for ages. Two things held me back: First I didn’t have a mobile device on which to play them (I don’t own an mp3 player because I’m kind of a minimalist, and until recen [...]

If you haven’t heard of meetup.com, then you should change that about yourself. No, it’s not a dating site. The premise is simple: someone has an interest, they setup a group on meetup.com around that interest, people join it, then you arrange in-person meetups. It’s free to join, and has global reach. Meetup formats vary massively, from informal drinks, to sit-down presentations. When I lived in London, I attended a couple of meetups on differen [...]

I’ve been living in Beijing for six months. I can now effortlessly read the newspaper, incessantly crack witty jokes in Mandarin that make Chinese girls do their girly giggle, and often speak at conferences. Just kidding. Such feats are a long way off. On balance, I’m happy with my progress. Sitting in the lunchroom with my Chinese colleagues I can understand about 30-40% of their rapid-fire Beijing accent, a big improvement. I’m fairly comfortab [...]